Paula Dean made a statement 30 years ago and apparently saw nothing wrong with it, as was revealed during her trial.  In reality I believe Paula Dean  was saying it was not mean-spirited at the time it was said – Certainly her Counsel should have sat her down BEFORE the trial and  give  her the same talk they did to elicit the heartfelt tearful apology as a result of the trial.  In other words how come NO ONE had ever straightened out Paula Dean on her view of people of different colored skin?    Nevertheless she made heart felt apologies and her discrimination trial continues.

BUT in the Court of Public Profit some executives ruled her GUILTY of something.  And so they took all her product off their shelves and nullified her contracts.  Me thinks they were looking for an out.   So Home Depot, Target, and Food Network are all supposed to be regarded as great humanitarian companies for this one act?   Never mind the millions of product shuffling in and out of their cargo ships from China, made under conditions illegal in America.  Never mind the racism that exists by ignoring Asian working conditions.  But pass the butter we’re all gooooooooooooood.

Now let’s look at another episode of hypocrisy.   Trayvon Martin and Donald Zimmerman are both minorities (granted Zimmerman being mixed Jewish and Hispanic may have different issues).  So in reality much of what is happening via social media is racist.  Really.

If you argue with me look at the comments from  Malik Zullu Shabazz, National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party.  His Twitter feed shouts “George Zimmerman verdict is a declaration of war that only the devil can applaud”   and then  “Of whites, Shabbazz charged, “You all are born to kill and murder the darker peoples as Jesus says in John 8th chapter 44 verse. ‘A liar and a murderer from beginning.’”    “Everywhere the white man has gone since released from the caves and hills of europe the white man has killed & murdered the dark peoples”

Really!?!?   Jesus is now a racist?   The Son of God! The Creator is racist?   If this is true then there is no hope!     So now Jesus is against Whites?   What happened to “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.”  Period.

Celebrities are capitalizing in on the publicity, unfortunately their words are now  validating riots and violence.  Some are even polarizing and hindering any kind of reasonable absorption of the trial and events and even tragedy.   Has anyone considered there were SIX WOMEN on the jury.  Not one single man.  If our country was so backward and discriminatory how did the trial afford SIX WOMEN as jurists.    I am sure BOTH Mr. Martin & Mr. Zimmerman never imagined the evening would result in death.   Is it possible the evidence indicates Mr. Martin & Mr. Zimmerman had opportunities to choose a different path and did not?  Is it possible the weight of killing another human, as Mr. Zimmerman has already expressed, the remorse and penalty are beyond what any jury could have ever provided had they found beyond a reasonable doubt a verdict of guilty.  We don’t see the smirks of an OJ during his trial – ironically a black man accused of killing a white couple – (although there were no riots after his release!   Where were the celebrities pronouncing “no justice no peace” then?)

What exactly do each of the flippant notables, who tweet inside their million dollars homes secure in a gated community, want to occur?  Kirstie Alley, Miley Cirus,  Alec Baldwin, Steve Harvey, Chris Brown, and Malik Zulu Shabaz.  Are they any different than the very ignorant Paula Dean – living in a world which does not consider her words, even if they were uttered 30 years ago.

These professionals, who recruited rioters in Vancouver after the Stanley Cup win.  These professionals who stir the pot.  These professionals who I am sure were advertising on Craigslist as part of the hashtag campaign #TrayvonMartinRiots  – may think they can depend on celebrities to fuel planned destruction of communities.   But at some point the local municipalities in America will do as Canada did after the Vancouver Riots – send a bill to the instigators AND in this case also to the celebrities who assisted.