Are We The Greatest Nation….ever created by God?

It is very disconcerting to see  arrogance, let’s be generous and say it is naive, displayed to the world when a speaker at the 2016 Republican  Convention says “we are the greatest country God ever created”.

While it is undisputably possible chants of U-S-A, generated or imposed upon a pumped-up crowd, are contagious and addictive. But at what point does boasting put us into the trap of pride? It’s not a matter of politics, it’s a matter of moral fiber required,  a standard, a responsibility  which goes with such a statement.

The questiogreatest nationn to ask ourselves: are we resting or coasting on the laurels of previous generations? If we are to be labeled or pronounce being a great nation it is because we were ENTRUSTED with the responsibility to become a beacon. A leader in times of great discord, as in WWI and WWII. It is because  our founding fathers,  (and women in supportive wisdom and prayer) listened to God direct them when they wrote our  Declaration of Independence  and Constitution.

It is not a matter of electing the first xyz President. It is rather who do we, as a Nation, serve?

The song Bob Dylan penned 25+ years ago resolutely challenges us:

But you’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes
Indeed you’re gonna have to serve somebody
Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody

Our greatness cannot be solely based on immigration. We are NOT the only nation with immigrants.   Nor on our freedoms of speech, religion, or self-defense.  We are not the only nation with religious freedom or speech or even the right to self-defense.  Nor are we the only nation with inventors or other means of creativity.  What a  country with a Constitution gains is the latitude to expand their individual and natural talents.

However, we do stand above all nations, because we were the beacon that guided the world, one nation at a time, to change their form of government. A change utilizing their own unique constitution, based on this revelation, this recognition:

Our freedom, our being, is from God
and government is established to protect what GOD has given us

We had the first constitution in modern times and 187 countries followed us over the next 200+ years. Therefore, we have had more generations engrained in this concept of where our rights come from and therefore, the role of government with checks and balances, and a government with Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches.

Perhaps before we pick up the mantle, the banner,  or attempt to boast of GREATEST, the candidates and each American should

  • understand what it took to usher the great change in government around the world
  • ask ourselves or introspectively review what it is that hinders greatness
  • reverently ask God what it will take to restore the past greatness, for His glory and not our own

Hopefully, there will be at some point, an admission by our leadership, whether in the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial branch; an acknowledgement it is GOD who repairs and uses fragmented vessels for his ultimate purpose.  Hopefully this conclusion will draw our nation, the people, to  prayer, to their knees, instead of thinking someone in DC is an all powerful  savior elected to take sole responsibility for the future path of our Country.

serve somebody