The Fallacy of “First Amendment Rights”

The controversial decisions of the current Supreme Court do not align with this phrase inscribed on the outside of the Supreme Courthouse in Washington DC: “Justice the Guardian of Liberty” Alexander Hamilton, in Federalist 78, wrote, “…the judiciary, from the nature of its functions, will always be the least dangerous to the political rights of […]

Pray Vote Pray: We are not “SO DONE”

Humor me as I discuss the election once more. Early on I suggested the necessity of Pray-Vote-Pray. And for many this last action has been dropped because we are told we should be sooooooo done. The Thanksgiving dinner should be an Election-Free-Zone. The complexity of this election was solely orchestrated by the media perpetuating and […]

Are We The Greatest Nation….ever created by God?

It is very disconcerting to see  arrogance, let’s be generous and say it is naive, displayed to the world when a speaker at the 2016 Republican  Convention says “we are the greatest country God ever created”. While it is undisputably possible chants of U-S-A, generated or imposed upon a pumped-up crowd, are contagious and addictive. But at what […]

The Speech That Dropped A Bomb Upon Facts

It is most unfortunate most news coverage is now tweaked to selectively report enough information to elicit emotional reactions. Conversely, rumor mongers in this age of e-information, social media, and videography run with even less of said news to incite an inflammatory counter response.  All these emotions and theatrics are orchestrated to have a short […]

Kentucky: Abuse of Power?

Au contraire! Kentucky’s 1891 law was enacted to allow legislators protection, to ensure they were able to vote. Drunkeness is another issue Kentucky’s 1891 Constitution align the state laws with the US Constitution in regards to the slavery issues. It also allowed the General Assembly to pass amendments which would keep the Constitution current . Interestingly […]

Raisins vs Campaign Overload

The abundance of political commentary, campaigning in 2016 versus what it was in 2000 or 1990 or 1980 would seem incomparable. Yet those who control what is said, how often it is said, and how to slant what is heard still exist even in an age which seems to allow anyone to enter the realm of […]